Are there Passwords in Tribe?

No, there are no passwords in Tribe. Therefore, you can’t reset your password either. With Tribe, we use a Magic Link instead of a password. All you need is your email address to get started. To use Tribe on your device here is what you need to do to get […]

How to use the Grid view – Pro

You can use the Grid view in tribe to see all of your tasks laid out in a spreadsheet style. Here are some of the things you can do in Grid view: You can use the filters in the column headers to sort your tasks You can click on the […]

How can I Focus my tasks? – Desktop

If you have lots of tasks on your tribe board, and you want to focus your view to only see certain tasks (ex. all of my tasks that are Due Now, or Due Soon), here is how you would do that: You can focus your view on tasks by clicking […]

How to Search in Tribe – Desktop

To search for something, look in the top right corner for the search bar. You can type in whatever you would like to search for there. Tribe will then narrow your results based on the search and show you results. You can also just start typing in your search at […]

How to use the Pacing view – Pro

The pacing view shows you your overall task workload. What’s assigned to you, and what you’ve completed. In the pacing view, you can hover over a task to see what it is. Click on a task to open the task details for edits or to see the tasks’ history. Drag […]

How to ask for Help in the App – Desktop

If you have a question, you can always chat with us! Click on the chat icon in the bottom left corner and send us a message asking us whatever you would like! Expect a response within 5 minutes or less. And if you don’t get a response, just check the […]

How to Filter your Tasks – Desktop

If you want to filter your tasks, here is how you would do that. In the top right corner, next to the Question mark icon near the search bar, you will find a Filter icon. Click on the filter icon to open the filter panel on the right hand side. […]

How to use Keyboard Shortcuts – Desktop

If you like to move fast, then you should use keyboard shortcuts! Click on the question mark icon directly to the left of the search bar in the top right corner. There, you will find a list of shortcuts and drag-and-drop functions that will make tribe just a little easier […]