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If you have a repetitive process you can create a template in a spreadsheet to quickly create the same tasks over and over again. This can become very helpful when you are talking about creating the same tasks frequently. Tribe will only import the values of the spreadsheet and not the forumlas.

Here’s an example that helps to get you thinking about how you could use a template in your own situation.

Repetitive Process: Laura manages HR for a financial services firm. She is in charge of on-boarding new employees to the company. For every new employee, there are 150 tasks that need to be done by the new hires because Laura’s company is in Finance, filled with regulations.

Before Tribe: Laura would have to hold the new employees’ hand for a few weeks as she “spoon-fed” the new employee everything they needed to do in order to be allowed to work. Working directly with them on everything, taking time away from her schedule.

After Creating a Template: Laura has a template in a spreadsheet of everything a new hire would need to do, in order to successfully on-board themselves into the company. Laura welcomes them on the first day to the company, and tells them to start looking at their Tribe account to see everything they need to do.

  • The template has the required tasks, due dates, priority levels, and task assignees all pre-determined. The new hire doesn’t need to guess what to do, it’s laid out for them by Laura.
  • Laura creates a new project, about the new employee, and puts every “on-boarding” task assigned to the new employee in a project so that at any time, Laura can gauge the progress of the new employee’s progress.

Laura has the template saved and can edit it at any time. Then, in the future if she needs to onboard a new employee, she takes the template and edits as desired. Laura copy /pastes into the Import function in Tribe. Laura just turned a few weeks of work into roughly 3-5 minutes.

BONUS: Then, Laura went one step further and filled the template with formula’s. Now, all Laura has to do is enter the new employee’s name and start date. With her different formula’s in place, her 150 cells are now customized for the new hire. Think along the lines of customized due dates (make this task due 2 weeks after start date) and you have the idea. Be as creative and efficient as you want.

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