How can I Focus my tasks? – Desktop

If you have lots of tasks on your tribe board, and you want to focus your view to only see certain tasks (ex. all of my tasks that are Due Now, or Due Soon), here is how you would do that:

  1. You can focus your view on tasks by clicking on the workflow lane of your choice. (ex. clicking on Now, will show you only the tasks you have that are due Now). What this actually does is create a search for you, looking for tasks that are due Later or Now.
  2. You can focus your tasks by clicking on the Filter icon in the top right corner (right beside the question mark icon and the search bar). This will let you filter what tasks you see. You can filter your tasks by:
    • Leaders
    • Members
    • Guests
    • Projects
    • /later_
    • /soon_
    • /now_
    • /late_
    • /done_

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