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Creating Projects in Tribe will group your tasks for you, so that you can find everything in one place. Tribe also allows you to tag one task with multiple projects. That means that you can have the same task live in multiple projects at the same time. Then, you’ll never have to duplicate tasks to fit in different projects. Watch below! We took one task, put it in two projects, and when that task got marked done, it shows as completed in both projects.

Projects in Tribe Pro

Here is how you create a project in Tribe, and put tasks in that project.
You can do this in 4 different ways.

Number One

  1. Click on Projects at the top
  2. Click on +New Project in top left corner
  3. Type in the desired project name
  4. Click on the Check mark icon
  5. Drag the +New Task button into the row of the project you just created, type in the task and click Save

Number Two

  1. Click on any task
  2. In the title of the task, type *(insert project name).
    Note: The asterix will provide a drop down menu of your other projects, or you can type a new project name which will create a new project.
  3. Click Save

Number Three

  1. Click on any task
  2. Click on Connections/Details
  3. Click on Projects
  4. Type in a new project name, or click on one of the grey options of your other projects
  5. Once you have your desired projects attributed to that specific task, click Save
  6. Click Save on the Task

Number Four (What the GIF shows)

  1. In the Projects view, hold Shift and drag a task from one project to another project
  2. This will put the same task in multiple projects

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