How to Get Started – Mobile

Want to feel the power of Tribe on your mobile device? Great!
Here’s how you get started…

You can use Tribe’s Mobile Web App, or our iOS App. The mobile app essentially works like your task-list for wherever you are. The app will show you all of your activity in Tribe, wherever activity happens whether its in email, mobile or desktop.

You can use Tribe with an iOS app on your iPhone. Download for free, and sign up through the app. If you already have an email address attached to a Tribe account, then you can connect that account.

If you don’t have the ability to download the iOS Tribe app, you can use the Tribe Mobile Web App on any mobile device. The mobile web app is identical to the iOS app in every way.

When we showed the mobile web app to the Former Head of Mobile for Disney, he said this: “It’s the best mobile web app I’ve ever seen. It’s fast, responsive, performs just like the iOS app. Very impressive.”

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