How to Import/Export from Excel Spreadsheet – Pro

First, we’ll talk about Exporting to spreadsheet from Tribe.
Before you export anything, decide what tasks you want to export. You can export all of the tasks in a tribe, your personal tasks, or apply a search/filter to Tribe. The point is, whatever you see on the screen in Tribe is what will be exported to a spreadsheet.
Now, let’s actually export your tasks:

  1. Click on the arrow on the +New Task button, and choose Export to Spreadsheet
  2. Click on the Grid View, and select Export to Spreadsheet

This will download your tasks as an excel file for you to work on offline, in your spreadsheet.

Now, let’s talk about Importing from Spreadsheet into Tribe.
You can import tasks from spreadsheet to Tribe. This function is great for people that prefer to do their work in spreadsheets.

Now, let’s actually import your tasks:

  1. Click on the arrow on the +New Task button, and choose Import from Spreadsheet
  2. Copy / Paste your spreadsheet into the empty white box
  3. If the spreadsheet that you pasted in worked you will see previews of the tasks below the white box
  4. Click on Save to save the tasks
  • Note: If the task already exists in Tribe, Tribe will update the task. If the task is new, Tribe will create the task.
  • Note: If you do not copy the top row (where you have the column descriptions) the import from spreadsheet function won’t work. Include the column headers so that Tribe knows what information is what.

A great place to learn what works in terms of the spreadsheets you can import, download an example spreadsheet! You can download an example spreadsheet on the Import from Spreadsheet page in the top right corner (directly under the DONE column) in grey where it says Download an Example Spreadsheet. Click that, and it will download an example spreadsheet for you.

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