How to use MeetingMaster – Pro

MeetingMaster is a great tool for anyone wanting to create tasks quickly, or someone trying to take meeting minutes. (1)

Here is how you to access MeetingMaster:
Click on the arrow next to +New Task
Select MeetingMaster

  • MeetingMaster will automatically title the meeting with the Day, Time, and will group the entire meeting into 1 project (using the asterix) with the project being that day’s date. This let’s you look at what happens week over week in the Projects view.
    Note: You can change the title of the meeting to whatever you would like
  • In the lines you can type regular notes like you would in a meeting
  • Type the @ symbol to assign a task to someone you have as a connection
    Note: If you want to assign a task to someone type in their handle (@Jamie) as the first thing you type on that line. You can also click the checkbox on that line to give yourself that task.
  • Type the # symbol if you want to put that task in a tribe, select from the dropdown menu
    Note: If you are already in a tribe (check on the left side to see if you are) then every task you create will automatically be placed in that Tribe.
  • Type the * symbol to place that specific task in a project. Type in your own project by typing in *(insert your desired project name) or choose from the dropdown menu.
  • Type / and select when that task is due (Later, Soon, Now, Today, Tomorrow) and decide on the tasks urgency (Top, High, Med, Low).

Once you are done with your meeting, you can click Create Tasks or Compose Email.
Note: If you have regular meeting notes, and you click Create Tasks, your tasks will be created but your notes will not be saved anywhere.

If you click on Compose Email, you will be given an option to send an email about the meeting. You can customize the recipients, the email subject, and anything in the email. If you assign someone a task in MeetingMaster, they will automatically have that email addressed to them.
Then you can click Send Email or Send Email & Create Tasks.

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