When I send someone a task, Do they have to use Tribe with me?

No, they don’t. We built Tribe so that if you use Tribe, and you want to give someone a Tribe task, they don’t have to download, signup or create an account with Tribe, to use Tribe with you.

If they use Tribe with you: You can send people tasks, and they will see them appear in their Tribe task list.
If they don’t use Tribe with you: When you send tasks to people, they will get emails as usual, but now they’re tracked by Tribe.
We thought it was lame that when you want to be organized with someone else, that you have to bug that other person to have to use your tool with you. The way we see things, there are 4 levels of tasking:

  1. You create a task for yourself
  2. You create a task for someone else on your team
  3. You create a task for someone who isn’t on your team
  4. You create a task for another team

At all times, Tribe allows you to have full visibility into the tasks you’re apart of. This is the first time any project management tool has ever accomplished this. And we’re just getting started, look for levels 5 and 6 before the end of 2016.

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