Who uses Tribe?

Who uses Tribe?

The real answer is that anyone can use Tribe.

  • You can use Tribe individually. If you need to remember to do things, or ask other people to do things for you. We found that Tribe is great for this.
  • You can also use Tribe in a group or team. Work with your team, and use Tribe to see what everyone in your team is working on at any given moment.

Here are just a few ways that people are using Tribe:

  • Real Estate
    From Sellers, Buyers, Mortgage Brokers, and other Agents; you have to always be available. Use Tribe to keep track of all your on-going deals. Create tasks for yourself and for others, and see them through to help your business grow.
  • Event Planning
    Event planning means working with new people every day. It’s when everyone uses different tools, that’s when things fall through the cracks. Use Tribe with anyone, on any device and begin better managing your events to keep everyone on the same page!
  • Executives
    As an executive, you have many responsibilities. Manage everything that happens in your life with Tribe. Use Tribe in your email, or on our mobile app. No matter where you are, Tribe can help you know what’s next.
  • Political Campaigns
    Political Campaigns have many operational requirements to run effectively. Throw in volunteers, staffers, and uncertainty; use Tribe to manage everything that happens in your campaign.
  • Education
    Educators and Administrators can use Tribe with their colleagues, or their students, to keep track of and follow up on tasks and projects. Follow up on tasks, projects, and more using Tribe.
  • Administrative Assistants
    Managing someone else’s schedule takes serious organizational skills. Assistants can use Tribe directly in their email, never leaving to use another tool. Use Tribe with your boss, or with others you work with.
  • Post Your Use Here!
    We’re happy to post any submissions for how people choose to use Tribe. Just let us know and we’ll put it up, nothings out-of-bounds! In fact, we hope to be surprised.

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